Who We Are


When we’re young, we get to lose ourselves in the joy of creating. We can be messy and uninhibited and expressive, and make things that thrill and delight us. Our creations can be loud and unconventional, with no framework or rules to follow. Even when things don’t go as planned, the process of creating is pure bliss…because it’s what we were made to do.


But as we get older, many of us slowly stop creating. We become more inhibited, more worried about what others will think. We don’t feel talented enough to spend time creating, or creative enough to even try. But we still have that instinctive need for self-expression. We still want to make our mark in the world, to feel the joy and fulfillment we experienced as kids. We want to create, but we don’t know where to start.


Legal Graffiti is a retail brand that celebrates the artist in each of us. Inspired by the belief that we were created to create, Legal Graffiti offers custom-made products that cultivate self-expression, creativity and connection. These are essential to founder Jill Donovan, whose own life has been shaped by an insatiable drive and love for creating. Over a decade ago, she left a career in law to start the hugely successful Rustic Cuff…and she hasn’t stopped creating and experimenting since. 


Legal Graffiti is Jill’s offering to all those like her—a brand and a community for people who appreciate originality and artistry and want to create something meaningful themselves. 


Creators-in-waiting can start the process with Legal Graffiti’s custom-made journals. The journals are designed to nurture self-reflection, brainstorming, sketching and exploration. They are works of art themselves, and each one has a story—whether it features an old family photo shared by a team member or original artwork from a local creator. For the ultimate custom experience, shoppers can commission a personal, one-of-a-kind journal using their own photography or art. This option is quickly becoming popular among gift-givers who want something personal and meaningful.


To celebrate self-expression in fashion, Legal Graffiti also offers an exclusive collection of edgy, custom-made accessories and apparel. Like the journals, each piece is a work of art created to inspire the wearer. 


Legal Graffiti is much more than a retail brand. It’s an invitation to unleash the artist within…to experience the joy that comes from creating… and to celebrate the amazing things we can make together.